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H13 Tool Steel Round


H13 tool steel is air-hardening, hot work 5% chrome tool steel. It combines excellent shock and abrasion resistance with good red hardness making it ideal for use in die casting. Most commonly used in plastic molds and die casting, its ability to withstand rapid cooling from high working temperatures also make it a prime choice for use in extrusion dies. While designed to be a versatile hot work grade, H13 tool steel has been useful in cold work applications as well, particularly when extra toughness is desired but wear resistance is not important. Other applications include: trimming dies, extrusion dies, forging dies, die casting, forming punches, hot shear blades and mold dies. Common trade names include Dievac, Viscount, Thyrotherm 2344, Cromo-High V, Firechrome 44, Hotform V, VAD13, Potomac M, Thermold H 13, VDC, Hot Form V, Dica B Vanadium, Nu-Die V, Firedie 13, 883. H13 plates and flats are supplied in a decarb free and annealed condition.

  • Finish: Decarb Free Ground
  • Condition: Annealed
  • Applications: dies, punches, molds, blades, die casts
  • Specifications: ASTM 681, J437, T20813, AISI H13
  • Available in full bars or cut to size lengths, production cutting available
  • Color Code: WHITE
  • Tolerances:

    1/2 - 1 1/2 Dia +.010/.020"
    1 5/8 up to 3 Dia +.015/.025"
    3 thru 6 Dia +.062/.188"
    6 1/4 thru 7 Dia +.093/.188"
    Over 7 Dia +.125/.250"

    Chemical Composition:

    Carbon: 0.35/0.45
    Chromium: 4.75/5.50
    Molybdenum: 1.10/1.75
    Manganese: 0.20/0.50
    Vanadium: 0.80/1.20
    Silicon: 0.80/1.20
    Phosphorus: 0.030 max
    Sulfur: 0.030 max

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    H13 Tool Steel Round Bar Stock Sizes:

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