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6061 Aluminum Square Tube


6061 aluminum is the most commonly used grade of the heat treatable aluminum alloys. It has good formability, is weldable and corrosion resistant. Easy to work with and lightweight, 6061 is often used where lightweight and corrosion resistance is ideal. Easily cut, bent, drilled, formed, spun, tapped, drawn and stamped. Typical applications include: engineering and structural applications, boats, truck bodies and frames, screw machine parts, wheels, pipe fittings, railway car components, pistons, pins, food containers, fasteners, couplings, electrical fittings, connectors, hardware, bike components, valves, machine parts, jigs, base plates, fixtures, brackets.

  • Finish: Extruded
  • Condition: T6 temper
  • Applications: fixtures, jigs, fittings, frames, machine parts
  • Specifications: ASTM B308, QQ-A-200/8, J454, 6061-T6
  • Available in full bars or cut to size lengths, production cutting available
  • Color Code: BLUE

    Chemical Composition:

    Copper: 0.15/0.40
    Chromium: 0.04/0.35
    Zinc: 0.25 max
    Magnesium: 0.80/1.20
    Iron: 0.70 max
    Silicon: 0.40/0.80
    Titanium: 0.15 max
    Manganese: 0.15 max

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    6061 Aluminum Square Tube Stock Sizes:

    1" Sq x .125" wall
    1-1/2" Sq x .125" wall
    2" Sq x .125" wall
    2" Sq x .250" wall
    3" Sq x .250" wall
    4" Sq x .250" wall

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